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Title: The Morality of Free Enterprise
Author: Atlas Economic Research Foundation
Date: 08/03/2011
Atlas's 2011 The Morality of Free Enterprise initiative, funded through a grant from the John Templeton Foundation, focuses attention on the moral component of freedom by showing that free enterprise both depends on and reinforces morality. Coincidentally, the much-heralded Atlas Shrugged movie comes out next month, a timely reminder of why free enterprise truly is the engine of healthy and moral society. Of course, Rand's case is not the only one for the morality of free enterprise. Sadly many audiences around the world have no access to the rich literature on this topic; correcting this is the reason for Atlas's newest effort.

We begin by translating several of the essays from the Templeton Foundation Morality of Free Enterprise conversation, and commissioning new articles on the topic by prominent writers in their native language. Atlas's partners in this project are creating dedicated Web pages on The Morality of Free Enterprise in ten languages, including Arabic, Bahasa Malay, Chinese, French, Hindi, Persian, Portuguese and Vietnamese.

Partners will conduct essay contests on the topic, based on the readings made available through the project. Our goal is to encourage young people all over the world to grapple with the moral issues surrounding respect for property, achievement, and free exchange.
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